How Bluetooth of device can be tracked

Bluetooth device

Bluetooth is one of the ancient features which allow the connectivity of two phone devices. Before the commencement of today’s sharing applications, Bluetooth was the most favorable way to share data between the devices. In the present time, there are lots of head-sets are available in the market which allows the people to talk while driving, etc. Here we will discuss the connectivity of Bluetooth on technical aspects so that one could easily understand the same and clearly check out the status of Bluetooth as ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’.

You do not need too much technical in order to understand the concept, because it is a very simple thing. Bluetooth is the most common phenomenon which is available almost in all phones and relatively there is an icon that reflects Bluetooth signals. If you keep it ‘ON’ then it gets highlighted and vice-versa dim. 

Whenever two devices get connected via Bluetooth then at the very initial stage, one device will search or track the other device to get connected. If the status of both the devices is ON only then a connection will get established otherwise denied. Hence if you want to check the status of Bluetooth corresponding to any device then simply search for it and if it is discovered then it shows the ON status if not, then Bluetooth is OFF.

The devices which were launched with the older version of BT (Bluetooth), the manufacturer, assigned unique LAP (Lower Address Part) to all the devices which broadcast in individual packets. This traditional approach was a little bit difficult in searching the devices but in the present scenario BT generates random addresses in order to track the device which is far better from the older method and it is being known as LE Privacy.

Hence in order to track the Bluetooth of the device, one can perform below mentioned activities:

  • Simply check the icon if it is highlighted or dim OR
  • Try to connect with it by using the Bluetooth of your phone and if it is ON then the Bluetooth of another device will get tracked.